Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet a Few of the People Who Made Our Trip Amazing...

With our South African UN pilots

With Sumaili, a former child soldier and one of the most courageous youth we've ever met

Filming a panel of Congo's future leaders

With Justine Masika of Synergy, an advocate for women and a true hero.

With Marco, the head of the Lebanese contingent who fed us and taught us that legitimate business exists and can thrive

With Raj, our driver (and good friend) in Goma

With Pascal, who took such good care of us while in Goma--setting up meetings, translating, keeping us out of trouble... he did it all. 

With the amazing young artists of Collywood, their vision is going to change their country.

With Esther and Camille, without them we would have been lost in Goma and Goma would be lost without them.

Mara and Dean Kayaking on Lake Kivu, a truly remarkable experience.

Oliver and Liz Kayaking on Lake Kivu

Our dock at the Orchid... a beautiful, peaceful spot to decompress after hard days. 

Mara and her cousin Mado

Jesse filming one of the leadership students... his words (which you will see and hear more of) are a powerful call to action. 

The choir of Generation Hope

Mara with Jesse, the most talented, compassionate and insightful filmmaker we could have asked for.  He's a friend and colleague for life.

With one of the Congo's women of steel. 
And Janny, without whom Bukavu would have been a total bust... she opened her home, her roll-a-dex and most importantly her heart to us. 

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